Motherbirth Interview


Becoming parents is literally the biggest venture into the unknown we know of... and the one we are least prepared for in our culture today.

Elly Taylor, this weeks guest, is a relationship counselor and researcher who has spent the last few decades exploring how having children changes our relationships after facing her her own dramatic wake up call once her first child was born. We go deep with her in this episode about the common traps couples fall into, the 3 main stages of every relationship, and how society is setting us all up for failure with expectations.

Elly wrote the incredible book Becoming Us; her perspective and experience is invaluable. If you've ever looked at your partner and wondered how you ended up where you are, this episode is for you. She believes that couples can thrive throughout the transitions of parenthood - by being prepared for the changes they will face and recognizing that what they're experiencing is normal and healthy.

We knew this conversation was going to be gold when it took 4 tries record - Elly was the most gracious guest and it was worth every try! 😂 Check it out below, in iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts!