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I'm passionate about raising awareness of the ways couples can prepare for, and be supported through, early parenthood and the difference this can make for their whole family. If you think this could benefit parents in your community or organisation, I'd love to hear from you. Please connect with me below.

Research tells us parents who are prepared for parenthood:

  • Have a lower risk for relationship problems in the perinatal period.
  • Have a lower risk for experiencing Birth Trauma.
  • Have a lower risk for Perinatal Mood Disorders including anxiety and depression.

And are MORE likely to actually be able to create the family of their dreams.

Parenthood is an adventure. Let's help parents prepare for it!

A revelation.
— Nicole Moore, Birth into Being

A little about Elly...

Elly is becoming known worldwide as the 'Parenthood Pioneer' for her evidence-based Becoming Us model of the transition into parenthood.

Elly is more than a speaker. An experienced Workshop Facilitator, participants in Elly's presentations come away with new awareness, inspiration and practical skills that can make a meaningful difference. Just as importantly, participants have a sense of their value as a professional, a renewed sense of purpose for the work they do - and the potential of what it could mean for their clients.

Elly's presentations have been described as "eye opening, inspiring, a wake-up call and a revelation."

Elly's most recent presentations:

Keynote Speaker, Northwest Area Childbirth Educators Forum, Portland, Oregon 2017
National Christian Family Conference, Sydney 2015
The Mother Conference, Sydney 2015
The Marce Australasia Conference, Adelaide, 2015
Keynote Speaker, Making Motherhood Real Conference, Sydney 2015
Marce International Society Conference, Swansea, Wales 2014
Birthlight International Conference, Cambridge, UK 2014
Parenting 2.0 Conference, Dublin, Ireland 2014
Postpartum Support International Conference, North Carolina, USA 2014
PACFA/CAPA/AARC Joint Conference, Sydney 2014

Feedback from Event Planners:

Elly was a joy to work with. It was easy to tell how much work had gone into the content and flow of her presentation, which allowed for real-time practice and application and attendees came away with tools they could use immediately. This feedback from one or our participants sums it up best: “This presentation was a gift and gave new breath to the work we do. Thank you so much for bringing Elly to us!”

— Barb Buckner Suarez, President, Northwest Area Childbirth Educators Forum, Portland OR
Senior health professionals can be a tough audience to please. Through her attention to content, evidence based research and lived professional and personal experience, Elly has the ability to connect. An engaging presenter who uses a variety of presentation techniques, Elly is able to add light and shade to what can be difficult topics. It’s clear that she loves her work and presents with integrity, passion and a generous sharing of herself.
— Sue Hawkins, CEO, Your Pregnancy Matters, Sydney, Australia
Elly is one of the best presenters on family issues I have heard. Her presentations are solidly grounded in research but shaped by experience and richly coloured with emotion and humour. She continues to make a huge contribution to this arena. Her passion and commitment are commendable”.
— Trafford Fischer, Co-Convener, National Christian Family Conference, Sydney, Australia
Elly’s presentation highlighted so many areas of unknown for parents that can be inadvertently overlooked in the rush to provide the best pregnancy and labour care. Her talk was clinically spot on and personally enlightening. Since hearing her speak I have recommended her book Becoming Us to my husband!
— Ruth King, Midwifery Advisor, Education Unit & Editor, Australian Midwifery News, Australian College of Midwives, Sydney

To make a difference for the parents in your community, let's connect!

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Feedback from Event Participants:

Best presentation I have attended in years! The facilitation was a highlight: some teaching and videos, then guided conversation, interaction and practice. Best of all was Elly, filled with hope and help for families that we can practically use. Having her facilitate the conference was far better than just hearing a speaker. Brilliant!
— Kimberly Bepler, Owner ABC Doula Service, Portland, Oregon
Elly speaks a truth that comes straight from the heart, based on “real world” experience and backed up with thorough research. Her message is essential for the emotional health of new parents of today and for the emotional maturity of future generations
— Tara Green, Psychotherapist and Counselling Supervisor, Sydney
I really enjoyed benefiting so generously from your research and application. Antenatal intervention is so important and your presentation has helped me realise just how protective it is. This has been a wake up call.
— Rosemary McIlgorm, Childbirth Educator/Midwife & Psychodynamic Counsellor, Sydney
Your presentation alerted me to the gaps between expectations and the experiences of newborn families. I appreciated knowing what subjects to raise and why. By fearlessly raising the more challenging aspects of family life, it encourages me to do so too. Your information is a revelation.
— Nicole Moore, Birth into Being, NSW North Coast