You and your partner are standing at the foot of a mountain about to take the first step on your Parenthood journey. You have never climbed before but you are doing all the right things: you are asking those who have already climbed the mountain for advice, gathering the equipment you'll need and researching the best angle to climb it from.

And yet, more than anything, it is how you and your partner approach the terrain together that will successfully get you both to the top. Preparation is key.

The Fist Step to Grow a Family that Thrives lays out the groundwork of ‘Preparing for your Baby’, helping you get ready for what you will need at this time including which expectations of parenthood to pack and take with you and which ones to leave behind. This first step will prepare you to grow stronger together through the experience.

If you would like a Parenthood Tour Guide to show you how to prepare for the journey, consider a Becoming Us class


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“I suggest all parents-to-be read, as it offers the opportunity to wonder, explore and ‘suppose’ about how to survive and also celebrate the challenges and the joys of parenthood.”
— Australian Midwifery News