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You and your partner are standing at the foot of a mountain. You're about to take the first step on your Parenthood journey. You've never climbed before, but you're doing all the right things: asking those who have already climbed the mountain for advice, gathering the equipment you'll need and researching options about the best angle to start the climb.

You want to be on top of things, you want to get it right.

And yet, more than anything, it's the way you and your partner approach the terrain together that will ensure you successfully get to the top. Preparation for this is key.

The First Step to Grow a Family that Thrives lays out the groundwork to ‘Prepare for your Baby’, helping you plan ahead as a team for your baby's birth and giving you the knowledge and resources to flourish in your first weeks as a family. You'll know how to plan for the chaos and manage the unknowns. You'll learn how to work with your partner, even if you have very different backgrounds or beliefs, in ways that make you stronger together than ever.

Step One puts you on the path of "Becoming Us". Of loving, learning and growing together, so you can make the family you're dreaming of now a reality. 

If you'd like an actual, real live, Parenthood Tour Guide to help you prepare for your journey, consider a Becoming Us class

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“I suggest all parents-to-be read Becoming Us. It offers the opportunity to wonder, explore and ‘suppose’ about how to survive, and also celebrate, the challenges and the joys of parenthood.”
— Australian Midwifery News