Can I share my story with you?


Hi there, I’m Elly Taylor and I have been called the Parenthood Pioneer (and also the Parenthood Tour Guide, which I especially love) because I have taken this trip with parents so many times that I know the track very, very well. I know the highs and the lows and I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of expecting and new parents on how to manage them all - and in ways that create the best beginning for their family. 

My passion is preparing parents with the essentials for their parenthood adventure, so they have what they need to create the family they dream about.

Because people don't generally tell you this, and it's also hard to hear, but I care too much not to give you the heads up: the simple truth is parenthood is less like a walk in the park and more like a mountain-filled journey into the unknown!

This is because becoming parents is likely to...

Change your life.

Change your partner's life (but maybe not as much as yours...).

And change you and the couple you once were. 

Us human beings don't do change too well. It's scary and overwhelming. But with the inevitable changes of parenthood, the secret to creating the family you dream about now is knowing how to work with the changes, not against them. That's just exhausting! And confusing. And frustrating and disheartening. I know all too well, because that's how it was for us in the beginning.

Until I discovered:

  • The changes of parenthood are normal and common for all couples.
  • When you know what the changes are, you can prepare for them.
  • When you're prepared for the changes, you can not only cope with them, but thrive as a family!

You can love, learn and grow into your new version of "us". Becoming Us is what Parenthood is all about. 

At last! Someone’s finally talking about it! So refreshing, brave and honest. This book is full of insights, revelations and advice to reassure the reader “you’re not alone.”