What Mamas are saying:


"Becoming Us made me feel calmer, gentler and more accepting of myself and my husband. It helped me see what we each bring to parenting and how much our son needs both our approaches."


"My partner suggested the book for us and I was amazed. We both read it and although we had good communication before, we have more tools to use now. I recommended Becoming Us to a friend and she said it's made the world of difference for her and her husband."


"At last! Someone’s finally talking about it! It’s so refreshing to finally read a book that’s so brave and honest, that reassures the reader “you’re not alone”.  Full of insights, revelations and advice I’m sure other parents will welcome this book with relief."


What Dads and Partners are saying:


"I'm only a quarter of the way through this book and it's brilliant! Really helping me to communicate and understand."


"Becoming Us made the introduction of our third child a lot easier and allowed me to be more mindful of the changes in my wife."


"We're in the thick of it and this book just put everything in perspective."

What Professionals are saying:





Click on the video to watch Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Ernesto Segismundo Jr. review Becoming Us.


"Taylor joins with the reader in their doubts, fears, beliefs, and hopes. Becoming Us connects us with our vulnerability, our strength, our normality, our humanity, both a guide and a companion through the new parenting road.

Elly shows how love and well-being can mature through diapers and tantrums, and lead to a better Becoming Us."

Christina Marreiros da Cuna, Psychologist, Portugal


"A realistic portrayal of parenthood I suggest all parents-to-be read, even becoming pregnant, as it offers the opportunity to wonder, explore and ‘suppose’ about how to survive and also celebrate the challenges and the joys of parenthood."

Australian Midwifery News


"Elly speaks a truth that comes straight from the heart."

Tara Green, Psychotherapist and Counsellor, Sydney, Australia


"Elly is a positive female advocate for dads."

Jim MacKenzie Founder of Everything for Dads, Orlando, Florida


"Taylor does a superb job of explaining how parents can reinvent their relationship once baby arrives and everything changes. I learnt much from Taylor’s refreshingly optimistic, yet deeply practical guide. In a word: revealing."

Tina Warburton, Townsville Bulletin


"Becoming Us is full of practical wisdom lovingly crafted to support individuals as they prepare for the radical and wondrous shifts that parenthood brings. Elly Taylor offers valuable insights to expectant couples everywhere."

Amy Wright Glenn, MA, Author of Birth, Breath and Death