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Parenthood (noun):The state of not knowing where you're going but going anyway, of sometimes losing sight of the old you and maybe of your partner too along the way, and yet becoming more and more aware of what being "in love" truly means. All at the same time.


You've made it over the summit of birth and now you're on the other side. You and your partner are well and truly on the journey you dreamed about; experiencing the full extent of Parenthood and everything that goes with it. You've done all the right things; asking those who previously travelled for advice, gathering the equipment you need and extensively researching your destination.

And yet, it seems like nothing could have prepared you for how it really is.

All this.

You found that birth was the first mountain, but then there's more climbing to do. The learning curves are steeper than you'd thought. And so many unexpected things seem to be sending you off the path of your carefully planned journey. Don't be surprised if you're feeling a bit disoriented, discouraged or confused - most parents feel this way while they're still finding their feet.

In Becoming Us, 8 Steps to Grow a Family that Thrives you'll discover the steps through parenthood, from nesting in your first few weeks of family, through managing the most common stresses for new parents in the first few months, to negotiating any issues with your partner over the next few years. You'll learn how to anticipate the common and normal challenges, plan for the chaos and manage the unknowns so you can embrace the journey, and each other.

You'll learn how to love, learn and grow, as both partners and parents. Maybe just in time for your next baby, when you'll go through all the steps again...

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Becoming Us made me feel calmer, gentler and more accepting of myself and my husband. It helped me see what we each bring to parenting and how much our son needs both our approaches.