Are you a Pioneer too?

Becoming a parent these days is so different from how our parents did it. Reflecting back on how you were parented and being brave about doing things your own way. Getting conflicting advice from professionals. Having to figure the really important things out as you go. Feeling lost or stuck at times and then at others, looking back with wonder to see how far you've come.

It can feel like uncharted territory. Scary, but exciting too. That's how it was for me, for us, in the beginning.

In my own journey to forge a better way for new families, I have been excited to discover so many wonderful organisations, to meet such dedicated people in this field and have been honoured to have opportunities to share my research and work in the hope it benefits others.

Some of my most rewarding experiences so far:

Dear Elly.jpg
  • 2017: After a very successful pilot, Legacy Hospital in Portland, Oregon schedules Becoming Us classes well into next year.
  • 2017: Winning a Nonfiction Author Award for Becoming Us.
  • Advisor for the Australian Catholic University’s guidelines for partners:  Supporting Your Partner When you Have a Baby, Monash University’s Emotional Experiences of Early Parenthood  and Newcastle University’s innovative SMS for Dads.
  • Columnist for Australia’s Practical Parenting Magazine.
  • Resident Relationship Expert for Daily Life website.
  • “Dear Elly” Q&A relationship advice column in the new tabloid style Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age. It lasted for a whole 3 months before the also new Pulse liftout was scratched.
  • Sharing my research and clinical experience in the 8 Stages of the Transition into Parenthood at professional conferences in Australia, the U.S. and the U.K. To see more about my events, please see my events page.
  • Relationship Expert for Sydney's Channel 10 news. Click on the video below to see what I had to say about 'modern families.'


Now it feels like life has come full circle. I’m grateful for these opportunities to meet with professionals from all over the world. Many have shared with me they’re aware of the transition into parenthood gap, but often unsure what they can do about it. My hope is to bridge the gap for professionals, as well as for the parents they care for, through my Becoming Us online training for professionals. Together, we can pioneer a new way.

Thanks to my very lovely and understanding family, I’m available to travel a couple of times each year. If you’d like me to visit your organisation to deliver a keynote speech or run a workshop to create a better beginning for the 'becoming' families near you, please contact me through my events page.

More information and access to my book:

Becoming Us, 8 Steps to Grow a Family that Thrives has been endorsed in Australia by COPE, the Centre of Perinatal Excellence and in North America by CAPPA, The Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association. I'm honoured that Becoming Us has also been included in an anthology of 150 books to change the world by APPPAH, the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health.

Becoming Us is available on If you prefer the e-book, the Australian and New Zealand kindle version here and if you’re in North America, you can find the kindle version here.

We all know it takes a village to raise a child. My friend Marcy Axness (author of Parenting for Peace) says it takes a village to raise a parent. Well, it also takes a village to raise a Parenthood Pioneer. I'm grateful to the following organisations!

Elly is the Parenthood Tour Guide.
— Shannon Armitage, Center for Life Transitions, Seattle, Washington
Elly is a positive female advocate for dads.
— Jim McKenzie, Everything for Dads, Florida
I call her the Family Whisperer.
— Connie Livingston, Past President, International Childbirth Education Association, Dayton, Ohio