People say nothing can prepare parents
for parenthood, but this can.


Becoming Us is a much needed, sensitive, positive and comprehensive approach to the transition into parenthood.
— Professor Jenny Gamble, Head of Midwifery, Griffith University, Queensland

Parenthood is a life-changing adventure! And, like any worthwhile adventure, there's likely to be some rivers for couples to cross or mountains to climb. Because along with the abundant joys, the truth is the journey into parenthood also brings some big changes and unexpected challenges for parents to overcome.  

People say nothing can prepare parents for parenthood, but what if you could? Research tells us we can!

In fact, prepared parents:

  • Have a better birth experience, including a reduced risk for experiencing Birth Trauma.
  • Adjust more quickly and cope better in the postpartum period.
  • Are happier with their partner and have a reduced risk for relationship problems, including Domestic Violence.
  • Have better mental and emotional wellbeing, including lower risk for Perinatal Mood Disorders like anxiety and depression.

And are MORE likely to be able to create the family they dream about!


    Want to be a part of the future for families?

    Becoming UsFacilitator Training

    If you're a Birth, Health, Mental Health or Educational Professional, our unique, world-first Becoming Us Facilitator Training equips you to prepare, guide and support expecting and new parents through the different stages of their parenthood adventure. Based on the award winning, evidence based Becoming Us™ approach to the transition into parenthood, you won't find anything else like it. The online training is fully self paced, so you can be part of a supportive group and also take time out when life gets in the way.


    Becoming Us Level I: Tilling the Soil and Planting the Seeds


    What does the 'transition into parenthood' actually mean for couples? Why do some parents find it more challenging than others? Is there a way to prepare expecting parents so it's easier and more enjoyable for all of them? You'll discover the answers to these questions and more.

    Following Level I you'll be a Professional Seed Planter. You'll know which seeds to plant that support your clients and have practical resources you can use from day one.

    If you work only with clients during pregnancy, you might decide to do only Level I of our Facilitator Training program. You can enrol in Level I at any time. Once completed, you'll then have the option to do Level II and also Level III at a later date if you love what you're learning.


    Becoming Us Level II: The 8 Stages of the Parenthood Adventure


    Parenthood is an adventure into the unknown, but what if there was a clear path, bridges over rivers, a best way through the mountains?

    There is.

    In Level II you'll discover how to integrate the award-winning "Becoming Us" model into your work. Becoming Us describes the stages mothers, fathers and partners go through as they travel from becoming pregnant to parenting a toddler, the normal changes they can anticipate in each stage and ways to avoid the challenges or navigate them so they can thrive.

    Following the 8 online sessions in Level II, you'll be a Parenthood Tour Guide. Level I is a prerequisite to Level II of the Becoming Us Facilitator training.

    Becoming Us Level III: Support for the Hard Stuff

    For some couples the transition into parenthood is more like a survival mission than a walk in the park. What are the biggest challenges of parenthood? How many couples are affected by them? How can you prepare or support couples who are at risk or affected by relationship distress, Birth Trauma or Perinatal Mood Disorders? And can these things actually be managed in ways that bring couples closer?

    If you sometimes work at the pointy end of parenthood (or just want to do the absolute best job of preparing and supporting parents possible!), through 2 extended online sessions, you'll gain wisdom that there is help and there is hope in even the toughest of circumstances.

    You'll be a Village Elder. Levels I and II are prerequisites to Level III of the Becoming Us Facilitator training.


    Join us!

    Final Enrollments close December 15th!

    This is the missing piece. Becoming Us is a game-changer for parents and the professionals who care about them.
    — Sally Placksin, author of the seminal book Mothering the New Mother and Certified Becoming Us Facilitator, NYC.