People say nothing can prepare parents
for parenthood, but this can.

Becoming Us is a much needed, sensitive, positive and comprehensive approach to the transition into parenthood.
— Professor Jenny Gamble, Head of Midwifery, Griffith University, Queensland

Parenthood is life-changing. For most couples, it's like an adventure into the unknown. And, like any worthwhile adventure, there's bound to be rivers to cross and mountains to climb. Because along with the abundant joys, the truth is the journey into parenthood also brings some big changes and unexpected challenges for parents to navigate and overcome, for years to come.

People say nothing can prepare parents for parenthood, but what if you could? And what if you could prepare parents, not only for the beginning of their journey, but for every stage afterwards?

Based on over 15 years of research and clinical experience, the Becoming Us™ Relationship-Developmental model of parenthood describes the stages mothers, fathers and partners go through, prepares couples for the major changes and challenges in each stage and reveals pathways to avoid, manage or overcome them.

You can learn the steps that parents can use over and over again as they travel the path ahead, so their whole family can thrive.


    Come and train with Elly in person! 

    Level, I, II and III Becoming Us Professional Development Training

    August 30 - September 1.

    Come and join us in the peaceful retreat of the Centre in Randwick for three days of heart-based learning. This is the first time the full Becoming Us Professional Development Training has been offered live. The Centre is a beautiful historic guest house and convention centre located in the leafy Eastern Suburbs, close enough to the city, but far enough away from it all.

    Over 3 days you'll discover the Becoming Us approach to parenthood and the huge difference it can make for you and for your clients. Our Professional Development Training is suitable for birth, health, allied health, mental health, counselling, educational and other helping professionals who work with parents at any stage of their family life cycle and especially those who work with clients during pregnancy and/or early parenthood.

    For an outline of the three levels please see below. We hope you'll join us!

    Full investment for the live 3 day training is AUD $900 (the same as the online course!!!).

    The full fee is payable over three payments.



    Can't make it to Sydney? See our online options below.

    Becoming UsProfessional Development Training

    If you're a helping professional working in the Birth, Health, Mental Health or Parenting spaces, our unique Becoming Us Professional Development Training equips you to prepare, guide and support expecting and new, and not so new parents and facilitate their journey through the different stages of their parenthood adventure. 


    Becoming Us Level I: Tilling the Soil and Planting the Seeds


    What does the 'transition into parenthood' actually mean for couples? Why do some parents find it more challenging than others? Is there a way to prepare expecting parents so it's easier and more enjoyable for all of them? You'll discover the answers to these questions and more.

    Following Level I you'll be a Professional Seed Planter. You'll know which seeds to plant that support your clients and have practical resources you can use from day one.

    If you work with clients during pre-conception or pregnancy, Level I is for you and you can enrol at any time. If you love what you're learning, you'll have the option to do Becoming Us Level II and also Level III at a later date.


    Becoming Us Level II: The 8 Stages of the Parenthood Adventure


    Parenthood is an adventure into the unknown, but what if there was a clear path, bridges over the rivers and a best way through the mountains? There is.

    In Level II you'll discover how to integrate the steps in the research and evidence based "Becoming Us" model into your work with expecting, new or not-so-new parents. You'll be a Parenthood Tour Guide!

    Level II is suitable for helping professionals who work with parents at any stage - even up to the teen years. You'll discover how the Becoming Us steps can be used over and over again to support and strengthen a family more and more each time. Becoming Us Level II is a prerequisite to Level III of the professional development training.

    Becoming Us Level III: Support for the Hard Stuff

    There are times when parenthood is more like a survival mission than a walk in the park. What are the biggest challenges? How common are they? How can you prepare or support couples who are at risk or affected (even years afterwards) by Birth Trauma, Perinatal Mental Health conditions or major relationship issues? And can these be managed in ways that actually bring couples closer?

    If you work at the pointy end of parenthood (or want to reduce the risks for parents), in Becoming Us Level III, you'll find that there's help and hope for couples in even the toughest of circumstances. You'll be a Village Elder.

    Becoming Us Levels I and II are prerequisites to Level III of the Professional Development training.


    Following all three levels of the Becoming Us Professional Development training, we welcome you to apply for our new Facilitator Certification, which supports you to run our Becoming Us Before Baby, Becoming Us After Baby and Becoming Us reading groups in your community. Any questions? Please email

    Early Bird Enrollments for our May 2018
    Level I, II and III Professional Development Training are


    This is the missing piece. Becoming Us is a game-changer for parents and the professionals who care about them.
    — Sally Placksin, author of the seminal book Mothering the New Mother and Certified Becoming Us Facilitator, NYC.