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You are an Adventure Guide of Parenthood. You watch couples climb the mountains of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood and you know how unpredictable some of the terrain can be. Maybe you've experienced this for yourself. You sense there's a gap in most couple's preparation for parenthood. A missing piece, a better way. 

You know what parents don't know yet.  You know there are different paths up the mountains; different ways to approach the steeper terrain. Everyone's experience is different. You can recognise the climbers who are struggling and you want to do what you can to advise and support them to get to the top. 

So they can relax and enjoy the view together.

You can usher couples from their 'before' to their 'happily ever after.' Our training ensures you are fully prepared to be the best guide for parents you can be. To feel confident in your role and know you're making a meaningful difference for your clients, consider our online training for professionals. For more click here.



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— Kent Hoffman, Co-Founder, Circle of Security