Love from readers

What mothers are saying about Becoming Us:

Becoming us made me feel calmer and more accepting of myself and my husband.
At last, someone’s talking about this! What a relief.
My partner suggested Becoming Us. I was amazed. We both read it and although we had good communication before, we have more tools now.
I recommended it to my friend - she said it’s made the world of difference for her and her husband.

What fathers are saying about Becoming US:

We are in the thick of it and this book just put everything into perspective
Heaps of useful stuff in here.
Becoming Us made the introduction of our third child a lot easier and allowed me to be more mindful of the changes in my wife.
I’m only a third of the way through the book and it’s helping me to really understand and communicate.

What professionals are saying about Becoming Us:

This book forever changed my way of thinking about families ‘to be’ and new families. As a childbirth educator for over 20 years I have read hundreds of books aimed at new families, this is by far one of the best! What a treasure.
— Tracy Wilson Peters, CEO, CAPPA, The Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association
Full of practical wisdom lovingly crafted to support individuals as they prepare for the radical and wondrous shifts that parenthood brings. Elly Taylor offers valuable insights to expectant couples everywhere.
— Amy Wright Glenn, MA, Author of Birth, Breath and Death
The world needs this.
— Kent Hoffman, Circle of Security
An inspired path.
— Anni Daulter, Sacred Pregnancy
Wonderful, worthy and needed.
— Marcy Axness, Parenting for Peace
A game-changer for parents and professionals
— Sally Placksin, Mothering the New Mother
Elly takes care of one, of the other, of the couple, of the newborn and of the whole family. She shows how the self’s growing and the couple’s growing is side by side with pregnancy, labor and baby’s growing.

Becoming Us is both a guide and a companion through the new parenting road. Elly shows how love and well-being can mature through diapers and tantrums and lead to a better ‘us’.
— Christina Marreiros da Cuna, Psychologist, Portugal
Becoming Us beautifully weaves together ancient wisdom and modern science about the art and craft of parenthood. This warm, inviting and supportive book addresses both parents, wherever they are in their journey.

Eminently readable as well as wise for parents, educators, extended family members and child care professionals, this would be a superb gift to the expecting couple.
— Suzanne Arms, Birthing the Future
Elly is a positive female advocate for dads.
— Jim MacKenzie Founder of Everything for Dads, Orlando, Florida
Becoming Us speaks to me on a core level.
— Darren Mattock, Becoming Dad
Warm and inviting.
— Suzanne Arms, Birthing the Future
A landmark.
— Dr. Jordan Paul, Do I Have to Give Up Me To Be Loved By You?
I sometimes worry that all the wonderful new scientific information about healthy development in childhood is triggering so much anxiety among parents, some in fact react by resisting the information altogether.

As parent educators, we need to think beyond ‘informing’, we need to realize it is equally important to support parents, emotionally and practically. The manuals for good parenting need to be backed up by the capacity for good parenting - and that has everything to do with relationships.

In ‘Becoming Us’, that is precisely what Elly Taylor has done. Her book is all about taking care of the parents’ hearts, attentively and sensitively guiding them through the seismic changes that each new child brings to their relationship.

Elly has taken this delicate moment of upheaval, a time when most divorces arise, and has shown us that the challenges of parenting contain powerful opportunities for healing and growing the relationship between parents.

Becoming Us is a very thorough road map that helps us find the way through conflict, alienation and over-reactivity to a renewed and more open-hearted love. Our children are the ultimate beneficiaries.

As new parents, or parents with a new (second, third, more?) baby, I doubt you won’t find yourself somewhere in the pages of Becoming Us. Elly catalogs many of the most human and universal hurdles that couples face. Take heart, you are in good company! Read. Try the exercises. And give-in to this most empowering and wisdom-enhancing journey.
— Robin Grille, Author of Heart to Heart Parenting and Parenting for a Peaceful World