Your guidebook...

Becoming Us simplifies the often challenging Parenthood Adventure into 8 'Need-to-Know' steps for parents.

The book covers everything starting with how to prepare during pregnancy for “nesting”. It looks at how to anticipate the normal and common issues experienced by most new parents after they get the baby home. It takes you through to negotiating different parenting styles when you have a toddler (a HUGE source of conflict!) It also explores how to balance work, life and family so you can all thrive.

Becoming Us can show you where the cross-roads are and which one to take. It can steer you around the swamps and point to the easiest path across the mountains. 

You'll find ways you and your partner can travel together – even over the rocky bits – so you grow stronger together than ever. 

You'll find the places to stop and rest and you’ll also discover the secret, most fertile ground, where you can plant seeds for your family's future. 

Becoming Us is a map, compass and guide book all in one.





This book forever changed my way of thinking about families ‘to be’ and new families. As a childbirth educator for over 20 years I have read hundreds of books aimed at new families, this is by far one of the best! What a treasure.
— Tracy Wilson Peters, CEO, CAPPA, The Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association
Elly is the Parenthood Tour Guide.
— Shannon Armitage, Center for Life Transitions, Seattle, Washington
I call her the Family Whisperer.
— Connie Livingston, Past President, International Childbirth Education Association, Dayton, Ohio