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Becoming Us organises the exciting, overwhelming, life-changing and sometimes challenging Parenthood Adventure into 8 'need-to-know' steps for expecting and new parents.

The book covers everything, starting with how to plan during pregnancy for “nesting”. It looks at how to anticipate the normal and common issues experienced by most new parents in the first few years (finances, in-laws, housework, intimacy and more) of family. It takes you right through to negotiating different parenting styles when you have a toddler. It also explores what couples need to balance family, life and work, so you can all thrive.

Based on 15 years of research, Becoming Us describes the stages partners travel through as they become parents, the normal and common challenges in each stage and the steps to steer around or navigate them.

Becoming Us shows you where the cross-roads are and which one to take. It steers you around the traps and puts you on the easiest path across the mountains. 

You'll find ways you and your partner can travel together, even over the rocky bits, so you grow stronger together than ever. You'll find the places to stop and rest and discover the most fertile ground to plant seeds for your whole family's future. 

Becoming Us is your map, compass and travel guide all in one.


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Reader Love from mothers and fathers:

Becoming Us made me feel calmer, gentler and more accepting of myself and my husband. It helped me see what we each bring to parenting and how much our son needs both our approaches.
Becoming us made the introduction of our third child a lot easier and allowed me to be more mindful of the changes in my wife.
I became aware that many of the feelings I had been feeling since Bella’s birth were a common and normal part of becoming a parent.
It’s as if the author was in the house with us. It’s been a roadmap for us getting back on track.
My wife and I are in the thick of it and this book just put everything in perspective.
I’m only a quarter of the way through this book and it’s brilliant! Really helping me to communicate and understand my wife.

And from Parenthood Professionals:

The world needs this.
— Kent Hoffman, Circle of Security
An inspired path.
— Anni Daulter, Sacred Pregnancy
A landmark.
— Dr. Jordan Paul, Do I Have to Give Up Me to Be Loved by You?
Wonderful, worthy and needed.
— Marcy Axness, Parenting for Peace

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