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What are the steps to certify as a Becoming Us Facilitator and run the classes for parents?

1) Complete our Becoming Us Professional Development Training.

2) Apply for Becoming Us Facilitator certification. We will ask you to send in your paperwork (eg. C.V., professional insurance and professional membership if you have it), you will then be asked to have an initial 60 minute session with our Becoming Us Mentor and once approved, meet for a 20 minute session with Elly. The current cost for certification application is $USD 497.

3) Decide where and how you want to run the Becoming Us classes. Currently we have two curriculums: Becoming Us Before Baby (for expecting parents) and Becoming Us After Baby (for parents with a baby or toddler). This year we will also be piloting our Becoming Us Reading Groups, especially designed for mothers.

Are there any costs for me to run the classes?

We charge a yearly licensing fee to purchase and run the programs, provide marketing materials and have ongoing support. The fee to run the Becoming Us classes in your community is only $USD 149. This year we are also piloting Reading Groups, Babymoon Retreats and Corporate Classes. There will be more information coming soon on the licsensing fees for these.

I haven't run group classes before, is there support for me?

Absolutely! In your initial session with our Becoming Us mentor you'll decide together if more mentoring is a good thing and how much will work for your needs. Additional mentoring is charged at an hourly rate to be negotiated with your mentor. We want you to be successful because we know parents need this!


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