What is the difference between the Becoming Us Professional Development and Facilitator Training Programs?

The session content is exactly the same.  With the Professional Development courses, you can decide to do one, two or all three levels of training.

The Facilitator Training Program includes all three levels of training as well as live Q&A calls, access to the Becoming Us Parents group Program and resources to promote it and ongoing support from our private Village Elders facebook group.

How long does the Facilitator Training Program take to complete?

You'll receive an email with a session link once a week for 14 weeks, so you can pace yourself that way. And there's no "end date". If you ignore the emails for a couple of weeks because life gets in the way, you can just flag them and go back to access each of the sessions in your own time. Alternatively, once you've logged on you can binge watch the sessions like Netflix, it's up to you! Our "fastest" facilitator did it in 3 days! I recommend, however, taking your time through the session, there's a fair amount of information to process and absorb in each before moving on. 

If I decide to do the Facilitator Training and run the Becoming Us Parents Program in my community, what will I get?

First you'll be asked to review and sign a Facilitator Agreement which outlines the parameters and expectations for running the Parents Program to see if it's right for you and also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Then you'll receive the Parents Program with Facilitator guidelines and a marketing kit, including:

  • A badge to use on your website.
  • A marketing flyer which you can use both online and in print. You can add your own business logo and information.
  • Access to Becoming Us social media posts which you can share to raise awareness of your new service.
  • Images to use on social media.
  • Membership to our Village Elders facebook group where we provide ongoing ideas, collaboration and support to get you up and running!