Meet Elly

Elly Taylor is a Australian parenthood expert, creator of the groundbreaking Becoming Us whole family approach to parenthood and author of the award winning book Becoming Us. She is becoming known worldwide as a “Parenthood Pioneer” for her big, hairy, audacious hope: to see a better beginning for our next generation of parents.

Elly began trying to get her head around the whole parenthood “thing” over 20 years ago when she and her husband were blindsided by unexpected changes and challenges they experienced as new parents and the fallout from these on their relationship. As a relationship counsellor and educator at the same time, Elly discovered most other parents were being blindsided too. So she wondered why the heck, if these challenges were so common, parents weren’t being prepared for them ahead of time.

Fast forward to now and Elly is the founder of Becoming Us, a small educational organisation with big hopes to prepare expecting parents for the realities of parenthood and to support the mental, emotional and relationship wellbeing of mothers, fathers and partners, so families can thrive from the very beginning.

Elly is proud to have served on research advisory panels for Monash University, Newcastle University and The Australian Catholic University and is currently on the Board of Advisers for the International Forum for Wellbeing in Pregnancy. Elly has presented the Becoming Us approach at national and international conferences and now provides online education for helping professionals worldwide. Elly is also a former Columnist for Practical Parenting Magazine, Resident Counsellor for Daily Life Website and contributor for print, radio and television.

Most of the time she lives near the beach in Sydney with her firefighter husband (yes, they made it!), their three children and a bunch of pets.

Becoming Us a landmark.
— Dr. Jordan Paul, Author
The world needs this.
— Kent Hoffman, co-founder, Circle of Security
Wonderful, worthy and needed.
— Marcy Axness, Author