People say nothing can prepare parents for parenthood, but this can.


For Parents

You're expecting? Congratulations!  Your Parenthood Adventure has begun! Having a baby really does change your life. Now's the time to prepare for when your gorgeous little bundle joins you.

You might be surprised to find there's different stages most parents go through on the journey into parenthood. These stages begin in pregnancy and will continue through your family's first few years. 

There's also steps to manage each stage.  Steps that bring you even closer as partners, lead you to be calmer and more confident as parents and support you to be stronger as a new family. We call this 'Becoming Us'.

Embrace the journey - and each other!


For Professionals

Parenthood is a life-changing adventure into the unknown! And, like any worthwhile adventure, there's likely to be some rivers for couples to cross or mountains to climb. Because along with the abundant joys, the truth is the journey into parenthood also brings some big changes and unexpected challenges for parents to navigate and overcome.  

But what if you could prepare couples ahead of time? So they know what the most common challenges are likely to be? How to manage them in ways that make them stronger?

More than that, what if you could guide couples down a clear path, over the bridges, a best way through the mountains? One that leads to a peaceful place where they can stop and rest and celebrate how far they've come together?

What if you could be a Parenthood Tour Guide?

Becoming Us™ is a unique online training program which equips Professionals to prepare, guide and support expecting couples through the different stages of their parenthood adventure. You'll have:

  • Evidence-based information, landmark studies and latest international research.
  • A unique learning experience to provide inspiration and ideas to expand ways of working with clients.
  • Webinar sessions with videos sent to your inbox.
  • Experiential exercises and simple self-reflection tasks to integrate learning.
  • A supportive online professional community of local and international peers.
  • Continuing Professional Development Points.
  • Practical strategies (including handouts and resources) to use immediately with clients.

Becoming Us™ Professional Online Training

Designed for Birth, Health, Mental Health, Parenting and Educational Professionals seeking completely self-paced, on-line training to integrate into your own way of working with clients. Depending on your professional role, you can decide to do only one or two levels of the training, see how you go and then have the option to do further study at a later date. 

Level I: Tilling the Soil and Planting the Seeds

What does the "transition into parenthood" actually mean? Why do some couples find it more challenging than others? Are there ways to prepare couples that can make the transition easier and more enjoyable for all of them? You'll discover the answers to these questions, plus much more.  Level I is designed for Birth and other Professionals who work primarily with clients during pregnancy and birth. Following Level I you'll know which seeds to plant for the transition from 'being me to becoming us', seeds that support clients to cope and thrive. You'll be a Professional Seed Planter:


Becoming Us Facilitator Training Program

Is it possible to prepare, guide and support expecting and new parents for the normal and common challenges of parenthood in ways that make their family stronger? Are there ways to help couples avoid the traps or minimise the risks for some of the harder challenges? Is there the potential to support parents in both meaningful and practical ways so they can create the family they dream about? What might all this mean for you in your role working with them?

Designed for Birth, Health, Mental Health, Parenting and Educational Professionals who work with expecting and new parents, our unique Becoming Us Facilitator Training equips you to be at the forefront of Parenthood Preparation. You'll be a Parenthood Tour Guide. At the completion of your training you'll also have the option to run the innovative Becoming Us™ 5 session Parents Program with groups in your community. You'll be part of a supportive on-line class and also be able to pace your self when life gets in the way. You'll be equipped with:

  • 14 webinar sessions which includes Level I, Level II and Level III of the Becoming Us Professional Development Training as above (click here for more information) PLUS:
  • Live online discussions and Q&As that are also recorded if you can't make it at the time.
  • The option to run the Becoming Us™ Parents Program as a Certified Becoming Us™ Facilitator.
  • Ongoing collaboration and support through our private Becoming Us Village Elders Facebook Group for Facilitators, to get your practice up and running.
  • Accredited for 24 Continuing Professional Development points (check for your organisation).


Enrollments for Becoming Us Facilitator Training only open a few times per year.
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The world needs this!
— Kent Hoffman, Co-Founder, Circle of Security